Application Centric Architecture, Cloud Economics, a new Transformational Process!

Cloud Economics – Measuring and Monitoring Cost

CESToday economics dominates enterprise and IT future thinking.  This is because enterprises are need new ways to tailor their approach to technology change like cloud, convergence, software defined solutions.  Especially when it comes to meeting specific and changing economic, financial and competitive conditions.  The white paper, Cloud and Converged Infrastructure Economics – Measuring and Monitoring Cost provides a perspective, some knowledge and direction that will you help deal with the economic challenge and potential fiscal impact on the organization over time.

 A Process for Application, Infrastructure & Data Center Transformation – Patterns, Profiles & Mission

patternsprofilesmission_v1With the advent of Application Centric Infrastructure, Cloud First, Hyper-Convergence and other new application and infrastructure paradigms what’s needed is a different transformation model.  This new model is based on observed patterns (utilization and behavior) and profiles (outcomes and attributes) and can effectively apply to application centric development, software defined data center solutions, software defined networks, cloud or hyper-converged transformations.

This model has several advantages over other models in that it’s built on an object oriented like approach and solution that’s comprised of individual micro elements (cubes) that can be combined into the whole or acted on independent of the whole.

This process radically simplifies, accelerates and addresses:

• knowing and understanding technology features and functionality
• establishing meaningful cost and benefit analysis in relation to requirements and needs
 understanding of how an enterprise, group of users or a user looks at will successfully enable overarching business and operational processes and applications
• integrating existing with new technology
 analyzing and mapping applications into a new infrastructure holistically
• an understanding of the impact of the parts on the whole
• an allowance
for compartmentalized change and development without affecting the whole.

To learn more about patterns, profiles and how to use them see and read more here!

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