Basic Website Development Process

Here’s the process that w usually follow working with clients gathering specific requirements, guidelines, or preferences for updating and existing website or creating a new one.  More than happy to work with or involve your team in the process. Step 1 – Assess the Current Website: Take a look at the current website to understand […]

An Effective Cloud and Converged Infrastructure Transition Process

Using Patterns and Profiles  Here is a very high level model of a different model that you can use to transition to a software defined data center model, cloud or hyper-converged architecture.  This model has several advantages over a linear model in that its focused on developing an object oriented like solution based on individual […]

Cloud and Converged Infrastructure Economics

Cloud – Measuring and Monitoring Cost  By Doug Hayward Beyond making the right technology decision demonstrating an understanding of Cloud Economics or Cloud Economy of Scale (CES) is more important than ever.  More and more consumers of cloud services and converged infrastructure are focused on quality of service and adopting a more customer oriented least cost […]