Cloud – Measuring and Monitoring Cost 

By Doug Hayward

CESBeyond making the right technology decision demonstrating an understanding of Cloud Economics or Cloud Economy of Scale (CES) is more important than ever.  More and more consumers of cloud services and converged infrastructure are focused on quality of service and adopting a more customer oriented least cost approach to delivering, consuming and optimizing new and existing services.  To do this both the provider and consumer of the service need to insure that the use of the infrastructure, systems, software, people and processes are being measured and maximized, that services are being delivered with the least cost, in the quickest time to serve while providing the best ROI and value.

Failure to ensure that service delivery meets the management and operational requirements as well as functional requirements can be a costly, or even fatal.  Providers and users are not only looking for help identifying ways to insure that the transition process is streamlined, effective, efficient and secure so that risk and delay is minimized and that there is no or minimal impact on day to day operations.

Provider customers are looking for assurances that actual service deliverable, and integrated elements that each service depends for service delivery and operation are successfully delivered.

One tool that I use in discussions between customers and cloud providers is what I call Cloud Economy of Scale (CES).  Being able to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of CES and then implement CES measurement can be a differentiator.

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